Monday, November 18, 2013

Long Overdue Post - SUMMER

Hello, I am back after long hiatus. Hmm, what have I been up to? Back to school! Boooo. 
This semester is even crazier than last time, making me no life and no time to even take a breath for a while and doing daily review like I used to. My best friends now are lab report, papers, scientific journals and last but not least, the boring textbooks. Anyway, enough rambling. 

What have I done in summer?
Nothing much I must say. Besides going to Montreal, I went to Wonderland, Asian Food Festival, Toronto Island, IKEA!, and Niagara Falls plus CNE. I think that's pretty much it. I spent most of time by going to summer school, taking physics and philosophy. How boring is that? Boo. Let's talk about the trip for memory keepsake. 

Went here with Ms Deer and Mr Porcupine, as usual. We tried 16 roller coasters! Including the newest one, leviathan!  How I loveeeee roller coaster. And the nature seemed to bless us, no rain when we were on rides and raining, that shortening the line up, only when we had breaks. How cool is that! We totally had a blast. Ohh, I also went to the kid's section and met Snoopy! I smiled from ear to ear and of course, taking a picture with the Snoopy is a must. At the end of the day, I'm just a child trapped in teen body (Hippo, u're not in teenage anymore!). And yes, beaver tail again! Yummmm. 

Asian Food Festival (Night it UP)
Went here with the usual, plus the additional friend from Vancouver. How we love this one! Gigantic lobster for 10 bucks? Bring it on! Here the list (that I remembered ) we ate there: lobster, snail, octopus, beef/chicken kebobs, stinky tofu, tornado chips, takoyaki, japadog, martabak, shaved ice, nitrogen ice cream. Bahahahaa, looks how foodie we are, no wonder I look like hippo. -.-"

Toronto Island
So, porcupine's sister is coming to join us. Let's call her Ms. Bear for her love bear so much! Me and the usual took her to Toronto Island, and we just casually biked and walked across the island. It was hot but indeed it was fun! 

My play ground..  Who does not love IKEA? it feels so homey and I dont know, I always happy to stroll around there, looking for some interios design ideas. And let me no forget to eat those famous swedish meatball. 

Niagara Falls
Me and Mr Porcupine brought his sister to the famuous Niagara Falls. Our first together trip to Niagara Falls too.Went to the journey behind the falls and kinda regret it. Should've just take boat tour. Oh, the night version of Niagara Falls is so pretty, imagine looking on those falls in pretty colours! And it was of course not fun to not having heart attack at the end of the trip. We almost miss our train since the google map told us to wait for the bus that never exists. Thankfully, there were some cops hanging around there so we could ask them how to get back to the train station. And yes, we were back to Toronto, safe and sound.

Nothing much. Just strolling around, watching acrobats (that kinda boring to me) and doggie show. Food that I ate? Hmm, just usual rice, veg, and meat; nothing special.

I know this is not summer thing, but yeah, I wrote here anyway! Nuitblanche! The last nuitblanche that held in downtown Toronto. Personally, I prefer the year before this one. There was nothing much I could see, and not so many food truck there. We ate poutine, beaver tail (again) and I tried lobster sandwich (which was okay lah). Nothing much, just walked around seeing what those called art (I'm not that artsy, thus cant enjoy it much). Yeah, good experience to see Toronto at night lah. 

So, that pretty much about the highlight of my summer. Wishing a more fun way to enjoy the summer but yeah, it was pretty fun already :) Sadly, lots of our Indonesian friend went back home. I hate farewells. Then, there was what so called back to school. The topics for this semester was pretty fun though, not as boring as last semester. But, the heck, having so many labs just killing me. Especially, the one that has no guidelines. Hope that everything is gonna be alright at the end, and every pain is worth it. 

Will try to post more often.