Friday, May 17, 2013

Cherry Blossom 2013

So, another semester has done. Not passing it as well as I did in last year but Im still thanking God for his guidance through out it. It's been a rough one. Now, it's time for summer break and I'll be that lazy ass who just wasting everyday life with movies. Sigh, summer job, please reply to me at least one. Im desperately waiting for thee.

Anyway, to begin the summer break, me, Mr Porcupine and another friend of us (called ms deer) went to see cherry blossom. It was so pretty, and felt like I traveled far away to Japan / South Korea. On top of that, there were also a lot of Asian in kimono with their bento boxes sitting on tatami, making the atmosphere more like in Japan. Another thing to be thankful to was the weather. Sakura is a tricky lil creature, it only blooms for a small period of time. In Toronto, it only blooms around mid April - end of April, which is right on the exam period. Thus, I didnt expect to get to see them until I finished my undergraduate. But this year was different, the temperature fluctuated like crazy, it could be cold today and warm as in tropic island tommorow; so windy today, but sunshine cheering up tomorrow. Thus, the sakura blooms a lil bit late. Just right after the exam period ended.

From the small talked we had there, we decided to make a trip to Montreal the following week, just three of us! And of course, I am excited. I will post about that soon. ^_^

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