Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Montreal - Day 1

So, to begin the summer break, the three of us decided to give Montreal a visit for 3 days. Montreal is the second largest city in Canada and located just on the east of Toronto. It may located nearby Toronto, but the atmosphere of the city is totally different. I could feel like I was traveling to some sort of city in Europe. And I believe, it is caused by how the buildings look like there and how French is their official language.

So, early in the morning, I and Ms Deer caught a train and left Toronto. It was 5 freaking hours on train. To make it worse, we couldn't sleep the night before and yet still couldn't get some rest on the train. We might be too excited to step our foot in a whole new city. Once arrived there, we realized that Ms Deer's phone has lost its data connection and we were just not prepared to be away from google's help. However, astouristy as we always are, we managed to get into a sandwish shop called Olive et Gurmando, without a map and just pure instinct! On the way to Olive et Gurmando, we made a visit to Notre Dame and Place D'Armes to get a ticket for night light show and of course, taking a picutre. As for my lunch in Olive et Gurmando, I ordered the Cubain, a ham and braised pork sandwich with gruyere cheese. I may not know what type of cheese it is, but it is such a delish! I'll promise myself to comeback there in another time. 

After fulling our tummy, we strolled out Rue de St Paul (the oldest street in Montreal) to visit Jacques-Cartier's square. The scenery along the street was so pretty that I could not resist to capture it through my lens. And as soon as we finished taking a picture there, we continued walking and made a visit to the Hotel de ville de Montreal, Champ de Mars and Bonsecourse Market. The arts and crafts that are sold in Bonsecourse Market somehow remain me of Balinese woodcraft. And it makes me want to visit Bali someday. Back on track, our next stop was a museum called Pointe-a-Calliere.  It's pretty far from Bonsecourse Market, but since we couldnt find a public transport there, we decided to walk. And now, we walked on Rue de La Commune. It was a pretty nice walk since it's nearby the port and Im just a big fan of port-nearby-walker. Hahaha. The museum itself was pretty interesting, I got to know the history of Montreal, when it is established, how it progressed throughout the year, and last but not least, how the first settlement live their life in Montreal. The total time we spent to walk around plus staying in museum was about 2.5 hours, not that bad huh?

Then, we followed our itinerary to visit the Olympic Park and give the famous funicular a try. Surprisingly, it was a disappointment to us. The workers there werent friendly, only few people visited there, and the venue was not well maintained. On top of that, the penguins' show in Biodome was already closed and a big huge wind just didnt allow us to walk on the botanical garden. I'll visit here again to see my penguins, I promise. 

After a disappointment in Olympic Park, we offed to Julien Restaurant where we met Mr Porcupine. It was so funny there that I still laugh my ass off everytime I remembered our moment there. We were on a rush for a light show in Notredame, so we just ordered quickly and finished our food fastly. Imagine a 20 minutes for eating in a fine dining place! And also, as Torontonian as we are, we only gave 10% tips and left the restaurant so quickly. Luckily, the waitress there didnt chase us (In Quebec, the waitress usually chase you out if you dont give 15% tips). Hahaha. And here we go, the most waited one, the light show of Notredame. It was magnificent I must say and I always have that thrilling feel everytime I step into a notredame. 

Show was over and we went back to the hotel. During our time in Montreal, we stayed in Holiday Inn Centreville. The bedroom was huge, it even has a small pantry there. But wait, the adventure of today was not over yet. After put all our luggage there (which is only 2 backpacks), we made a visit to La Banquise! You right, it is that famous Montreal poutine, the only Canadian food I could think off. For a surprise to my taste, the potato was sweet. With a full tummy after gulping that big plates of poutine, we strolled around Rue de St Denis and backed to the hotel to get some rest! And, it was a wrap for today's adventure. 

Here are some pictures for you to sneak peek in: 

La Banquise's Poutine

Jacques-Cartier's Place

Notre-Dame Basilica 

Parc du Olympique


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