Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Montreal Trip - Day 2 and 3

Before start, i'd like to ramble for a few things. I know I havent posted anything since past 2 weeks. And I apology for abandoning this blog for that long. *blowing away the dust* Long time before this summer break, I've been planing to do some baking, culinary trips, parks hoping, post once a week and so on. But boy, none of them were done. My bad, I'm busy reading instead. So what's my reading currently? Some nerdy books such as physics textbooks, programming instruction, and Sherlock Holmes's collection as well as kepoin some people's blog! *ashamed* Anyway, let's get down to business. So here, let me present you my journal in Montreal before I actually forgetting the details of it.


After done with some morning activities (getting ready, breakfast and including rolling on the bed for couple minutes in my case), we were heading towards that famous Mount Royal, the icon of the city. And yes, I'm not a big fan of mountain hiking ever, even if the slope aint steep ! So, as you can imagine, I was walking on that hill with a face that looked like  a panting horse. So ashamed to look that grannies and grandpas that were running towards the peak. hahaha. anyway, it was a nice walk and talk. The scenery was so beautiful, ijo royo-royo di mana2. Without reaching the peak since I didnt want to climb on that steep stairs, we went down hill and gave McGill a visit. And as a nagging student as I always am, I started to compare McGill to my "beloved" U of T. Some buildings are look a like, some buildings are uglier, some buildings are prettier. Too bad, we couldnt visit the library since it was close on Saturday. And I started be thankful to be rejected by McGill. Couldn't imagine myself run up and down the hills in between classes and becoming a panting horse every time I attend my classes. Even now, Im having a hard time to run to another buildings (which  only a block away) on a flat surface in U of T. Oh please, can I have my classes in nearby buildings next semester? *see how nagging I am*

Done with McGill trip, we went to that famous vintage market, Jean Talon. How that market makes me miss my trip to Pasar Baru and Pancoran. In Jean Talon, there were quite a lot of food galore, fresh fruits + veggies + meats and poultry there. And we were having fun trying this and that food there. But, as for my preference, I still love St Lawrence Market of Toronto better.  After checking out Jean Talon, we now ready for our lunch  and the lining up in Schwartz! If you visit Montreal, you guys should give this store a visit. It's a vintage Montreal smoked meat store. I ordered the smoked meat sandwich, and it was yummeeh. Even now I still can imagine the good smoke smell of it. 

Now with a full tummy after gulping that thick sandwich, we backed to the Old Montreal and visited the Chateu de Ramezay. As for lil trivia, Ramezay was a governor of Montreal. This house has changed its function for couple times. Once the house became a headquarter for continental army, back functioning as governor residence and even turned into a University of Montreal's first faculty of Medicine; now it's a proud historic place as Montreal's oldest museum. Its collection is composed mostly of old furniture, paintings, and some other ethnological collection. In its basement, you could try to sit on the prototype of the chair that was used back then. Also, you can see how they prepare their meal and the clothes they used as well as their bedrooms and dining rooms. One thing amaze me was how they spent so much effort to prepare their meal. They even cared to "shaped" their butter in a shape of leafs, fishes, birds, etc. Too bad when we were there, there was some construction going on that made us to not able to visit their garden. And also, we weren't allowed to take a picture with flash there, so the pics are all dark and blurry. :( 

Finish astonished by the beauty of vintage stuffs in Ramezay's house, we then walked on the Rue de La Commune again to give a Beaver Tail a try! See how foodie we are. Dont imagine that we actually eat a real beaver's tail, okay. Beaver Tail is a famous dessert of Canadian. It just a flatten fried dough in a shape of beaver tail with toppings on top of it. And yes, you could choose the flavour you like. And since we were too excited to try it on, we forgot to take a pic of it. Hahaha. Done with beaver tail, we went to Canadian Maple Delights. It's an ice cream and souvenir shop with a lil museum on its basement. The museum was telling you on how the maple syrup is made, how the maple tree's sap is extracted and how the processing progress throughout the years. And yes, we of course not forgetting to try to make and eat that maple taffy and the maple-y flavoured ice cream. *count how many calories we gained so far*  Oh btw, maple taffy is just a boiling maple syrup that is poured into an ice (should be snow, but it's spring sooo..) then you need to rolled it out as it is quenched solidifies. Hope I don't confuse you. 

Guess where we visited after this dessert galore? A fine dining restaurant! The tittle of today's adventure should be a culinary trip. ^_^ It was a place called L'Academie in Rue de St Denis. And yes, the food was amazing. I still want to eat the creamy pasta again! Too bad, I'm still jaim enough to not being norak and take pictures of the food from every corner. And since our legs already felt like jelly and we were already so full for another culinary trip, we headed back to hotel and planned to rest.  But guess what? As soon as we arrived in the hotel, we just simply chatted together,uploaded some pictures to Facebook, and headed back to the vending machine to get some coffee and apple pie. Hahahaha, see how our tummy so elastic and able to accommodate those amount of food? 

Then the last day of Montreal. Nothing much was done today, just got some Montreal's  beagle  (yes, food again) from Fairmount and headed back to Toronto. 

Conclusion? It was fun and tummy fulfilling! And after writing this post, I still couldnt believe myself that I could eat that much. Oh, I love the transport system in Montreal better than in Toronto. The system is like Singapore's MRT but of course with old fashioned and so outdated trains. Ah, how I could not wait Toronto turn its system better in the next years since PANAM is coming! :)

I'll add some pics later on, not on the mood of editing the pics due to lemot laptop. 


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